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Dated: May 1 2021

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Olivina Taproom at 44 S Sandusky St. in downtown Delaware brings olive oils from Southern Spain and balsamic vinegars from Modena to Delaware, Ohio!


In his interview with Sara Marie Brenner, the owner, Chris Schobert, discusses how Olivina Taproom was created after a family member who produces and infuses olive oils in Spain recommended opening an olive oil store. You cannot find Olivina's olive oils anywhere else in the United States; they are unique to Olivina! In addition, they stock both dark and white balsamic vinegars sourced from Modena, Italy. On Friday and Saturday nights after 5 PM, the creative bar tender, Tristan, conceptualizes amazing and unique cocktails. Olivina also serves a delightful menu with oil and vinegar pairings. Chris explains how Delaware was maybe not quite ready for Olivina in the beginning, but the community has come to love them as a place for healthy and fun options to literally spice-up our lives. My personal favorite is the bacon olive oil .... it's addictingly delicious. Be sure to watch the video for a tour around the store and a look at two of Tristan's cocktails!



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Olivina Taproom is open Tuesday - Sunday and is closed on Mondays. For their hours of operation, recipe ideas, and more, be sure to visit therir website: https://olivinataproom.com/. They have a loyalty point system that you may use toward free bottles of your favorite oil or vinegar!

Thanks for watching the Delaware, Ohio Local Guide with your host Sara Marie Brenner, Realtor with The Crane & Pearl Team at eXp Realty in Delaware, Ohio, your local top agent in Delaware, Ohio and surrounding areas! 


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[00:00:00.060] - Sara Marie Brenner

Welcome to the Delaware, Ohio Local Guide, brought to you by The Crane & Pearl Team at eXp Realty. And I'm your host today, Sara Marie Brenner. On this edition of Delaware, Ohio Local Guide, we're going to be at the Olivina Taproom, which is located just north of Spring Street on the west side of Sandusky in downtown Delaware.

[00:00:21.240] - Sara Marie Brenner

Come on in to Olivina Taproom and try out all the different flavors of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. And I'm sure you're going to find one or two that you will just love adding to your cooking at your home.

[00:00:34.380] - Sara Marie Brenner

The menu is incredible, especially if you come in on Friday and Saturday nights after 5:00, and Tristan, the bartender, has some amazing cocktail concoctions that you are not going to want to miss. Olivina is not a franchise. Let's talk to Chris, the owner, about the concept.

[00:00:53.790] - Chris Schobert

So, yeah, we started in 2016 out of a whim. Yeah, my wife's other family is actually an importer of olive oil. And I was approached by my cousin, and he said, you guys should start a store. And I was like, olive oil store, what's that?

[00:01:14.520] - Chris Schobert

And a little conversation led to what you see in front of you today. And it was just something that we really thought would be fun to bring to Delaware, really passionate about olive oils, balsamic vinegar. And we bring our family estate oil, from Southern Spain to Delaware, and you can't get anywhere else in the country but here.

[00:01:31.990] - Chris Schobert

So there's that special little small business in Spain, to small business Delaware, something that was magical for us. We wanted to try it out.

[00:01:41.760] - Sara Marie Brenner

And so how have you found that Delaware has received your store here?

[00:01:45.540] - Chris Schobert

Well, we've definitely had our trials and tribulations. When we first started, we actually had customers come in and tell us, oh, I can't believe you're here. Why would you open an olive oil store here? I never would buy a bottle. And those folks became our best customers.

[00:02:01.630] - Chris Schobert

We've had cooking classes here that share the greatness of our oils and vinegars. We've been received by the community hand over fist with a lot of different disasters and floods and all that. But we have a lot of oil customers that come back and try our products. They try more. They give us great feedback. And we really love our customer base and we partner well with them.

[00:02:23.160] - Sara Marie Brenner

How do you get the idea to start having dinner?

[00:02:26.100] - Chris Schobert

Well, it was out of COVID, honestly, so we had to shift gears. We had to reimagine our business model because of social distancing guidelines, limitations on space, the fact that we couldn't really contain cooking classes and other events.

[00:02:42.960] - Chris Schobert

And I have a great chef. Chef Michael Turner works for us. So we came up with a plan to open a café. And it really is something we've always wanted to do. So it really kicked into overdrive on COVID to change that all, to bring people in and try our foods, and drinks, and cocktails, and things like that, too. So it's been really fun.

[00:03:02.250] - Sara Marie Brenner

Awesome. So what is your favorite? We're standing here by olive oils.

[00:03:06.390] - Chris Schobert

Yeah, our most popular definitely Tuscan Herb. It's one of our most popular oils. We sell a lot of our Tuscan Herb. It's an amazing olive oil. You can use it on pretty much everything from stir-fry, bread dipping, cooking with pasta, marinating.

[00:03:21.990] - Chris Schobert

It's my favorite. I go through it like butter at home, everything with it, and you should, too. It's delicious.

[00:03:29.190] - Sara Marie Brenner

I go through the bacon olive oil [laughter].

[00:03:33.260] - Chris Schobert

Oh, [inaudible 00:03:33].

[00:03:33.260] - Sara Marie Brenner

That's the one that I like. Good. Are there any other things here that you would suggest someone to try?

[00:03:38.370] - Chris Schobert

Yeah, so we have a lot of great infused oils. They all come from our family estate. The infusions are down there. If you haven't tried some of our infused oils, definitely think about the ingredients you love the most.

[00:03:50.820] - Chris Schobert

One of those I really love is the Gremolata. It's garlic, parsley, lemon zest, great in fish, great in chicken's, it's amazing. Porchini mushroom and sage is one of my favorites, too. It's amazing on pasta. My wife loves everything, too, rosemary through traditionals.

[00:04:07.230] - Chris Schobert

So we have a lot of great oils that you can use on pretty much all the types of cooking you do at home. Just think about using oils as an embellishment, as a flavor enhancer, as a way to build excitement in the foods you already do at home. So it's really amazing.

[00:04:23.520] - Sara Marie Brenner

Good. How about your balsamic vinegars?

[00:04:25.800] - Chris Schobert

Yeah, so balsamic vinegars, our certified balsamic vinegar had come from Modena, Italy. We source them directly from Modena. They come again to Delaware. Our balsamic vinegars, we have two different types: dark and white. Dark balsamics are aged. You can see the color.

[00:04:45.720] - Chris Schobert

They're aged in barrels, which retains a dark flavor. The flavor you see here and the color really comes from the wood that it's aged in. So it picks up some of those sugars, a little bit more mellow, a little bit more sweet. They're delicious and amazing.

[00:05:01.620] - Chris Schobert

White balsamics, you can tell are a very different color. They're aged in either white oak or stainless, and a little bit more sharp and tarp, and really delicious, too, a little bit more zesty and tangy. Great for vinaigrette salad dressings, as a complement to lots of different types of foods.

[00:05:16.290] - Chris Schobert

Well, I appreciate this time to talk with you guys about some of our initiatives. We really want to bring healthy food choices, good, clean, delicious food selections of Delaware. We're enhancing what we do with our food offerings and cocktails in the evenings.

[00:05:32.100] - Chris Schobert

We'll have an outdoor patio space. We're going to do a COVID space as well. So we're really trying to bring an infusion of entertainment, food, and fun to Delaware community. So I'd love to have you guys come down and try all of these out.

[00:05:45.840] - Sara Marie Brenner

Chris, we will absolutely visit Olivina Taproom. It's one of my favorites. This is Sara Marie Brenner with The Crane & Pearl Team at eXp Realty and the Delaware, Ohio Local Guide. Until next time.

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